Our most popular complete denture includes Dentsply’s Lucitone 199 acrylic, and heat cured denture teeth. Value™ Full Dentures is our sturdy, no-frills denture for those more concerned with function and price. This denture features Lictone 199 acrylic and heated denture teeth. Acrylic partials are offered in the Value™ unless otherwise requested.

Flexible Partial and Complete Dentures Our flexible partial denture line features materials in the nylon family stronger and more flexible than the acrylics used in other kinds of dentures and partials. Nylon based materials are often recommended as a viable alternative for full dentures in patients who have allergic reactions to Methyl-Methacrylate.

Our cast partials feature a premium chrome/cobalt alloy. This nickel- and beryllium-free alloy can be cast lighter than most other nickel-free alloys. Our cast partial technicians can provide you with cast partial designs that go to place easily. For a more cosmetic solution, simply prescribe EsthetiClasp™ for your patients.

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Cast Partial Dentures

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Select and Value Full Dentures™

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Flexible Partial and Complete Dentures