We offer a complete line of Orthodontic and Orthopedic fixed and removable appliances as well as a complete line of splints. Our innovative laser welding techniques provide significantly stronger joints than traditional soldering for bands and wires, while acrylic appliances can be customized with fun colors, glitter, decals or pictures. Whether you are considering single tooth movement, bilateral development, repositioning the mandible or anteriorposterior corrections, our technical staff is ready to assist you in choosing an appliance for mixed or permanent dentition.

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habot control

Habit Control



removable appliance

Removable Appliance

fixed app

Fixed Appliance

space maintainer

Space Maintainers

active appliance

Active Appliance

indirect bonding

Indirect Bonding

functional appliance herbst

Functional Appliance



Vacuum Products

bleaching tray

Bleaching Tray

invisible retainer

Invisible Temporary

A regular blue moulded sports gum guard on an isolated background

Athletic Mouth Guard