Implants continue to grow in popularity as restorative and cosmetic success becomes easier to achieve. Advancements come to market every year and our technicians stay current on the latest developments. We also have digital capabilities for leading implant systems and accept digital impressions, providing precision and cosmetic success. Restorative options include stock abutments, patient- and manufacturer-specific, custom-milled abutments in titanium and zirconium, cementable and screw-retained over dentures and screw-retained hybrid dentures. We have years of experience and partner with all major implant brands.

Precision & Semi-Precision Attachments – Our technicians coordinate your combination fixed and removable attachment cases throughout their progress assuring a successful interface between components.

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Group Practice Solutions provides a full range of implant products and services, covering all brands on the market. Our services include:

  • CAD/CAM custom-milled zirconia and titanium abutments
  • Wax-cast abutments
  • Stock abutments
  • Implant crowns
  • Screw-retained crowns
  • Screw-retained dentures
  • Implant provisionals
  • Precision-milled titanium bars
  • Surgical stents
  • Porcelain and acrylic hybrids