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Digital Impressions

If you are like so many other dentists, you recognize the many benefits of digital impression-taking systems and how they can positively impact your bottom line.

Group Practice Solutions can help you improve your bottom line even more by covering the cost of your intra-oral digital impression scanner, regardless if you already own one or are planning to acquire one.


Why Go Digital? Here’s what our clients are telling us:

  • Increased patient comfort and satisfaction over traditional impressions
  • Shows your patients you are a leader & therefore increases referrals
  • Streamlines workflow that saves time and money
  • Receives immediate visual feedback of scan to confirm design & technique
  • Improves technical collaboration with the laboratory for improved results

Why Partner With Group Practice Solutions?

  • Our network of DSG laboratories have a rich history successfully implementing digital technology and technical advancements
  • Providing quality products and services consistently with the highest degree of patient satisfaction and clinical success for practice growth
  • Group Practice Solutions partners with the leading and most established digital impression system providers and scans from: 3M True Definition, Align iTero, Sirona Connect
  • Group Practice Solutions can help you cover the costs – regardless if you already own one or are planning to acquire a DI system. (some restrictions apply)

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Top 6 Benefits of Digital Impressions

Cut Down Turnaround Time

Usually, it takes two weeks for a lab to complete a crown once they receive the impression from the dentist. Working without a model cuts that time to 24-48 hours.


Patient Comfortability

Nobody likes to have “goop” in their mouth, and digital impressions eliminate that discomfort for the patient.

Improve Communication.

Sending a digital scan to the lab allows the dentist and technician to communicate more directly and promptly about the case.


High-Tech Lab Partner

If you’re using digital impressions and a model-less workflow, you’re working with an experienced lab that’s on the leading edge of technology.

More Accurate Fit

You don’t have to worry about distortion or margin inaccuracy issues in digital impressions, which in turn enables the lab to create a crown with an accurate fit.


Competitive Advantage

Patients perceive value in what we do and they refer other patients, giving you an edge in the local market place.

Taken from: Dental Products Report Benefits of Digital Impressions